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These Ducks are creating a fashion community at UO

Hailey Geller — July 15, 2015


My love for fashion began at a young age with treasured Barbie overalls, Dr. Martens and neon jelly shoes.

The University of Oregon is a school with programs that are highly ranked in a national context. But there’s no program for fashion. Instead, I combined my keen eye for design and style with my love for writing in the advertising program.     -- Read more

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Whoville changes location

Hailey Geller — December 8, 2014


According to Kristen Brandt, a Whoville supporter and Occupy Eugene member, the homeless camp Whoville moved from their location on 6th Avenue on Saturday and established a new campsite on Shelton McMurtry blvd after ongoing pressure from the Eugene Police.


The camp’s inhabitants have renamed the camp back to its original name, SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) and will continue protesting the city’s ban on camping within city limits and human rights violations.     -- Read more

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How UO is working to fix the hazardous waste around you

Hailey Geller — December 5, 2014


The University of Oregon generates approximately 30,000 to 40,000 pounds of hazardous chemical waste every year.

Environmental Health & Safety on campus work with academia, research and administration to manage and regulate environmental programs.

So what exactly is hazardous waste and where does it go?     -- Read more