Over Summer '16, I was an intern for the Global Ads & Media Team at Microsoft. As part of my intern project, I helped write the brief for the Microsoft Holiday Spot, #SpreadHarmony. On December 5, 2016, it came to life.

One Main Thought:

One person, one act, one Microsoft can change the world.

Why should the target care about the thought?

The one time each year we put the violence aside and focus on togetherness.

What do we want them to think?

·       We are just like them.

·       We empower future generations and challenge norms.

Who is the target?

·       4 seg.

·       Givers

·       Apple Switchers?

·       PC/MS fans?

Problem to solve:

·       The stereotypes of the holiday season.

·       How do we continue to empower and push boundaries?

Consumer Message:

·       Be part of the positive change.

·       By purchasing MS products, you are voting for change/peace.

·       Be the difference.


·       Be real!

·       We are about real people.

·       Is there a compete nod? Or not?

·       Extend “Spread Harmony”

·       Do we start in channels other than TV?

Tone & Concept:

Holiday cheer with a mission to make a difference (Pay It Forward).


Rise above the holiday chaos, leverage the truth.


December, Holiday programming


·       Brand love—which brand?

·       Consider MS as THE desirable brand

·       “Peace”

Media Channels:

·       Cherry picked TV

·       Social

·       Digital

·       Other?

·       How do we “start”?


·       Do we (MS) take the action?

·       Do we empower others?

What is happening in the world?

-        In category

-        In country

-        In world

-        In empowerment

Things to consider:

·       Background

·       Reason WHY